Printing Machine
Issue no. 13

Speedmaster SX 74

Invest in a Printing Press That is Powerful and Proven.

The Speedmaster SX 74 is a reliable solution for the medium-size format range for economical printing of traditional commercial jobs like brochures and advertising mailers. Equipped with the latest technology, it provides flexible processing of different production run lengths.

With short makeready times, printing speeds of up to 15,000 sheets per hour, and optionally with high-pile delivery, perfecting press, or UV technology, the Speedmaster SX 74 is designed for high productivity at all times.

Thanks to the Prinect Press Center 3 control station, it is easy to operate and can be integrated into the Prinect workflow. Its energy efficiency and resource-efficient use of materials have a positive impact in terms of environment and costs.

Another plus: each Speedmaster SX 74 is backed up by the comprehensive service offering from Heidelberg. This enables you to get the most from your printing press at all times due to maintenance, remote functions, perfectly coordinated consumables, and an international service and spare parts network.

Why Choose the Machine?
  • 300 hours more productivity per year due to fast plate changes with AutoPlate Pro.
  • 100 % transparency, even with complex job changes, as there is an innovative, navigated operator guidance system-Intellistart 3.
  • Navigated printing. Select and release for printing with only two clicks.
  • 100 % color fidelity in production, less paper waste, and easy reproducibility due to colorimetric control with Prinect Easy Control.

What’s more? Hiedelberg offers 24-hour technical and application support in many countries. Moreover, since October 2011, Hiedelberg offers all models of the Speedmaster ranges as carbon-neutral presses. Since drupa 2012, all machines (prepress, press und postpress) from Heidelberg are available as ‘CO2 neutral’.

Thus, Speedmaster SX 74 is a reliable printing press which should make it easy for you to stand out from the competition.