Issue no. 2

Mouvent LB701-UV

PHOTO CREDITS:Photo by Rudy and Peter Skitterians on Pixabay.

Enter the improved world of digital label production Quality, extended colour gamut printing capability, including white ink, high productivity and sustainable economics are all that you get in Mouvent LB701-UV. And you get all of that in one complete package.

High productivity with minimum intervention
  • Delivers an output of up to 75,000 sqm per month
  • Printing speeds of up to 70 m/min
  • Just one operator needed to run the press
Low-investment digital label press with best TCO
  • For €280,000, you get the complete package: a 4-colour* inkjet label press with integrated Mouvent DFE, operator training and no extra shipping costs
  • Based on a cost model per linear meter that includes all inks, spare parts, service and a lifetime guarantee for print heads***upgraded to 6 colours and white: €20,000 per colour**guarantee with min 100,000 linear meters per month
    Ready to print with Mouvent DFE  
  • In-house developed Adobe RIP and PDF-based workflow with X-rite colour management, all come as standard.
  • JDF and JMF workflow automation, compatibility with all leading workflow suppliers, ready for in-line finishing integration.
Efficient ergonomics and intuitive user interface
  • Only two days of operator training needed
  • Basic, entry-level skills are sufficient to run the press
Increase productivity and capacity with easy upgrade
  • Use the LB701-UV as your entry ticket to digital label printing
  • Then when you need more capacity, upgrade to the LB702-UV
  • Stay with the same technology, working philosophy, inks, substrates etc
The Bobst Group Global Service Advantage

As part of the Bobst Group, Mouvent has access to one of the most comprehensive service solutions and largest network of technicians.

BOBST’s complete range of high-end services offers everything needed to keep your equipment in the best condition, maintain optimum production levels, expand capacity and help increase your technological and industrial expertise.